Apiria is a 360 payroll management platform designed to make the monthly timeconsuming ritual of payments an absolute breeze

Smart Payroll

  • Easy to Use, Quick Set up with near instant payroll processing
  • Seamless integration with HR, Finance and Banking Solutions
  • Automated Payroll and Compliance Reports Generation

Attendance Management

  • Create multiple custom leave policies for different employees/groups
  • Manage attendance and leave requests from within the platform
  • Import attendance data from HRMS, Biometrics and Access Management Systems

Employee benefits

  • Create and manage allowances, perquisites and insurance for your workforce
  • Single employee benefits card for fuel, meal and travel, which also functions as debit/credit card
  • GHI packages that suit your needs, irrespective of the organization size

Tax Savings for Employees

  • Intelligent compensation structuring to suit employees’ spend pattern for maximum tax breaks
  • Tax saving investment suggestions and offering for employees
  • Manage and submit investment proofs from ELSS

GHI Packages

  • Offer Group Health Insurance to employees irrespective of the organization size
  • Customized Group Health Insurance packages to suit the employees’ needs
  • Multiple insurance providers to choose from

Payroll Backed
Financial Products

  • Easy, instant access to payroll-secured credit card and loans for employees
  • One place for all insurance needs, including an option to top-up GHI policies
  • Financial instruments and investment products to suit employee’s earnings and risk appetite

Employee Self Service Portal

  • Personal payroll information at fingertips
  • Access over mobile and web application
  • Submit leave requests, investment declarations etc.
  • Purchase Insurance products, top-ups for existing policies
  • Investment products for tax savings and personal financial planning
  • One-click application for payroll backed loans, credit card, etc
  • Manage Apiria card for all payment related needs

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