Below are frequently asked questions regarding Apiria's payroll management platform

What is Apiria? Apiria is a cloud-based payroll and benefits platform for businesses of all size and scale. As a convenient, economical and highly flexible solution, it allows users to sign up easily and start running the payroll of their employees in no time. Being a cloud-based solution, businesses do not have to worry about hosting and can access the platform from anywhere. How do I sign up on Apiria as a YesBank Customer? Apiria has collaborated with YES Bank to provide exclusive offers to its customers. Users can sign up on Apiria through the YES Corporate Banking portal and avail 3 months free subscription. In order to be eligible for this offer, users can either click on the link from within the YES Bank internet banking portal or visit and sign up by entering their name, email address, mobile number, YES Bank account number and IFSC Code. How to set up payroll for my organization? Once an account is created on Apiria, users will be directed to the organization set up page where they can enter all the relevant details of the organization including compensation structure, leave policies etc. How do I add employees? Users have the option to either add individual employees or use the bulk upload feature to update the employee lists from a spreadsheet. Employees details can be added after completing the organization set up. How to enter salary details? The salary details can be added individually for each employee or directly uploaded from a spreadsheet. In case multiple employees share the same compensation structure, then the salary breakup of one employee can be entered and copied for others. What is Smart Payroll? Apiria uses a robust API based payroll engine for quick payroll processing. To make the process easier, the platform suggests suitable salary breakup for each employee based on their CTC. The suggestions can be directly implemented or manually customized for each employee to optimize their take-home pay. The platform also reduces the burden of administrative tasks for the user through its automated reports generation capability to meet compliance requirements. It further simplifies the payout process with YES MSME portal compatible payroll format. Can I manage employee attendance, leaves etc. on Apiria? Yes, Apiria supports leaves management and attendance tracking. In the near future, the software will be able to integrate with leading attendance management systems, and employees can make use of the Employee Self Service Portal to apply for leaves, access pay slips, information about taxes, investments and a lot more. If I have any issues with the platform, whom should I reach out to? You can always reach out to us by writing an email to Why should I subscribe to Apiria through YES Bank? While there is no restriction for users to sign up directly on Apiria, we are offering special benefits exclusively for YES Bank customers, including a free 6-month trial, and discounted subscription costs after the trial period. In addition, salary pay outs are also made easier with Automated Salary Payouts. That’s not all, as we have plans to add more features in the near future that will come as added benefits. For more questions write to us on

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