Apiria is an API-driven new-age payroll and employee benefits platform that offers simple, easy to use payroll and employee benefits management system for companies along with a suite of financial products for the convenience and benefit of employees.

The state-of-the-art platform is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of micro, small and medium scale enterprises and their employees, helping them gain access to various benefits that are currently exclusive for employees who are part of large organizations. In addition to payroll and benefits, Apiria also helps companies ensure compliance with existing rules and regulations by automating a majority of report generation, submission and payment processes.

Our amazing team

Apiria payroll solution is the creation of a dynamic and resourceful team with expertise in diverse verticals. The founders and employees in the company have a strong background in their respective specialties which they have put to use to solve the shortcomings of existing payroll and employee benefit platforms.


Apiria CEO
Mukund Sankunny


Apiria CTO
Darshan Rathi



Nitish Lead Engineer, Apiria Employee
Nitish Bhasker

Lead Software Engineer

Adikeshan Solution Architect, Apiria Employee
Adikeshav S

Solution Architect

Ashutosh MEAN Stack Developer, Apiria Employee
Ashutosh Mantoo

MEAN Stack Developer

Sona Software Engineer, Apiria Employee
Sona Suresh

Software Engineer


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