24/7 Assistance

Our systems are built to be completely fool proof and error proof but in case you need any help, you can catch us anywhere anytime through our help options.

Digital Asset Management

Now document any physical or digital asset to any employee and keep an account of all the assets in the company at all times.

Financial Reporting

Keep easily accessable digital records of every financially important movement within the company, like salaries paid, reimbursements made, employess taxes, company taxes, and everything else.

Completely Cloud Based Solution

Be up and running with our Apiria HRMS system in under 1 hour and never install any software ever to run any of our applications flawlessly.

Always Mobile

Just like you and your employees, our system is completely mobile based with the goal of ensuring each and every action that you can perform on our web platform, should be able to be performed on our mobile platform.

Chat Platform Integrations

We work where you work and with that goal we are integrating ourselves with some of the most popular and widely used chat applications like Slack, FB Messenger*, Google Chat* and more in order to ensure that you never have to go out of your comfort zone and still manage all your HRM functions with just your natural language inputs.

Safe & Secure Data Management

Protect all your employee data in a safe and secure way, yet accessable to you at all times, directly from our platform or in popular formats like xls, csv, pdf.

Dashboards & Reports

Have all the analytics of your payroll systems right at your fingertips with our ready made best practice reports or modify them using our analytics tools.

We loved the ease of setup with APIRIA and loved the support provided by the team behind it. The app is well designed and the website looks great as well.

-- Mahboob I, - CEO Volubilis

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