Easiest Leave Management Application

We are, very simply put, the easiest way to apply and approve any leave requests, with our super easy to use interface

Team View for Leave Calendar

Now have a complete view of your team's leave calendar and plan your team's holiday calendar so that you can keep them happy without affecting team's performance.

Automated Attendance Management

Automatically run company defined rule based system to completely automate your organisational attendance process which is auto-integrated to your payroll.

Online & Biometric Attendance

Our systems helps you to mark any employee's attendance either on an IP based mechanism or via biometric devices set-up at your workplace, both with foolproof security.

Shift Management & Work from Home Options

Easily manage all shift changes for your designated employees and log in their hours for accurate portrail of their work timings. Also help your employees punch in their hours when they are working remotely or working from home through our interface.

Attendance Policy Management

Create completely customised attendance policy, with pre-defined organisational regulations, for various employees and teams, to automate rules for attendance acknowledgement.

Leave Policy, Holidays, and Counters

Pre-define your leave policies, choose your own holidays, and have visual counters to help everyone in the organisation to save time and effort in their leave management process.

Manage Leaves from Any Device

You can apply for leave not just from your laptop or desktop through our web app but also our mweb and mobile application, from anywhere and at any time.

We loved the ease of setup with APIRIA and loved the support provided by the team behind it. The app is well designed and the website looks great as well.

-- Mahboob I, - CEO Volubilis

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